Burma – Community Welfare

Phophtaw News Association – https://www.facebook.com/Phophtaw-News-Association-255498477795971

Children of the Forest – http://childrenoftheforest.org/

Rehmonyya (Human Rights Foundation of Monland) – http://rehmonnya.org/

Cadip – http://www.cadip.org/volunteer-in-myanmar

ThaBarWa Centre –  http://www.thabarwa.org/

Voluntary Service Overseas – https://www.vsointernational.org/

K T Care Foundation – https://www.facebook.com/ktcarefoundation

Baan Unrak Children’s Home – http://www.baanunrak.org/

DARE Network  – http://www.darenetwork.com/

Room to Grow Foundation –  http://roomtogrowfoundation.org/

NEED -MYANMAR  https://need-myanmar.org/en

AFECT  http://akhaschool.blogspot.com.au/p/afect.html

Child’s Dream – http://childsdream.org/myanmar/

Baan Dada Children’s Home – http://baandada.org/

Karen Hilltribes Trust – http://www.karenhilltribes.org.uk/


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